Laura Asturias’ translations are stupendous! You just can’t find a

bigger array of talents than what Laura Asturias, in one person, brings to her translations. Over the last sixteen

years Laura has translated hundreds of thousands of words for us at Women’s Justice Center. Our texts contain complex legal concepts which Laura renders into a Spanish that is crystal clear and acces-sible across cultures. We also deal with the emotionally sensitive topics of rape and domestic violence. Laura’s trans-lations have heart, and create exactly

the compassionate tone we need. And, perhaps the biggest challenge, we need our texts to simultaneously speak to people who are poor and inexperienced as well as to professionals, a linguistic magic that Laura delivers every time.

Add to this Laura’s speed, her sunshine warmth as a human being, and her always professional business dealings, and, of course, we recommend Laura Asturias to the skies.

—Marie De Santis, Director

Women’s Justice Center

Santa Rosa, California, USA




I would highly recommend working

with Laura Asturias for any translation needs. Her work is impeccable; she

meets deadlines every time; and her understanding of content far exceeds simplyfinding the right word in

another language. She grasps both the concept and the context and can help you to explain what you want to say to others in ways that are clear and concise. If she has questions, she will ask them. Laura is simply a joy to work with, and

I would welcome the opportunity to

serve as a reference for her anytime.

—Mary Nell Wegner

Independent consultant

New York, New York, USA




In the first years of the Disability

Rights Fund (DRF), Laura Asturias has provided critical translation support to enable the Disability Rights Fund to reach out to its constituency in Latin America. Functioning as much more than a translator, Laura has thoroughly reviewed all documents for cultural compatibility and for consistency. Inevitably, her sharp eyes discover editorial or formatting issues that

our team has not corrected. More

than once, she has saved us from conveying incorrect information to potential grantees and others. Laura

is prompt, professional, warm, and

joy to work with. DRF highly recommends her to anyone.

—Diana Samarasan, Director

Disability Rights Fund

Boston, Massachusetts, USA




I am very pleased to be able to recommend Laura Asturias as an excellent Spanish/English translator

of the highest quality. I have worked

with Laura in my capacity as a Program Associate at the International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC) for nearly two years. IWHC collaborates closely with selected organizations and networks working on the ground in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and these groups—our regional colleagues—are the heart

of our work. As such, Spanish/English translations of good quality are of the utmost importance to us. Often we need highly technical, complicated, or lengthy documents translated quickly and ex-pertly. Laura has never let us down in achieving these goals. Her translations are consistently excellent. Laura never hesitates to go above and beyond the

call of duty, bringing a rare perfection-ism and excellence to her work. With

her, I can be confident that there are

no mistakes in our documents, because

she is so thorough and persistent with her proofreading. Furthermore, she is always professional, polite, and a joy to work with. We at IWHC feel incredibly lucky to have Laura as a translator.

—Lori Adelman

Executive Director / Partnerships


Former Program Associate

International Women’s Health Coalition

Washington, DC, USA




We in BRIDGE have worked closely

with Laura Asturias since 2002. She is

a fantastic translator, very professional and proficient. Her strong linguistic abilities, twinned with her solid know-ledge of development and gender issues, have made her an invaluable asset to BRIDGE. She is a real pleasure to work with, being thorough, reliable, efficient and hard-working, always meeting deadlines. I do highly recommend her.

Paola Brambilla, Gender Convenor


Institute of Development Studies

Brighton, United Kingdom




Laura Asturias is an extremely professional, thorough, and efficient English/Spanish translator. Since 2002, Center for Domestic Peace, a domestic violence agency in Northern California, has been using her services to have extensive documents, brochures, manuals, advertisements, educational materials, etc. translated from English to Spanish. She works at a very fast pace, often turning work around in a matter of hours. Her English and Spanish capabil-ities are both excellent. While we have many Spanish-speakers in our office,

it is very hard to find agreement on the proper translation. The translations we receive from Laura, though, garner the most widespread agreement among our staff members and are understood well by Spanish-speakers from a diverse spectrum of countries and dialects. Her translations are precise and she goes above and beyond to make sure the translation actually portrays the intent of the original document, not just a word-for-word translation. For all these reasons and more, Laura is our go-to translator whenever we need anything translated from English to Spanish. Thank you, Laura!

Center for Domestic Peace

San Rafael, California, USA




Laura is not only an exquisite

translator, she is also a thoughtful reader, and an excellent writer and editor. Her translations strike the ideal balance between faithfulness and authenticity, and her dedication to finding the right word or phrase

(even when an equivalent might not

exist in Spanish) has led me to trust her completely with even the most politically or culturally sensitive texts. She reads everything with a thoughtful and critical eye, and on more than one occasion her suggestions and contributions have wound up strengthening the original version of whatever text she is trans-lating. On top of all this, she is respon-sive, professional, conscientious, and faster than anyone I have ever

worked with. I recommend her

without reservation!

—Andrea Lynch, Program Officer

Foundation for a Just Society

New York, New York, USA




Over the past several years,

I have relied on Laura’s translations

of documents on a variety of human-

itarian and human rights issues, both

in my current role and for a previous employer. She has been a pleasure to work with and has always delivered

very professional translations of both long and short projects, often working

to extremely tight  deadlines. Laura’s innate love of language and her interest in the subject matter are apparent in

her work, which is characterized by

speed, dedication and a tremendous

eye for detail. I highly recommend

her translation work.

—Conor Fortune, former  Com-munications and Media Officer

Cluster Munition Coalition

London, United Kingdom




It has been my pleasure to work

with Laura for about five years now.

She has been my “go-to” English-to-Spanish translator at two international health organizations. Although I don’t speak Spanish, I am told by colleagues who do (including many native speakers throughout Latin America) that her translations are excellent. She produces high-quality work within very short timelines and at very reasonable prices. She also always meets deadlines (often beats them) and responds to email quick-ly and efficiently. In fact, she has helped me out by doing urgent, same-day trans-lations on more than one occasion. In addition, for someone like me in the reproductive health field, one of the benefits of working with Laura is that

she is personally and professionally passionate about the topic area—which means she asks helpful, intelligent questions about the documents she is translating. I have referred Laura re-peatedly to others in the field, and

hope that I can continue to work

with her throughout my career.

—Jennifer Kidwell Drake

Senior Program Associate

Reproductive Health, PATH

Seattle, Washington, USA




American Jewish World Service’s

(AJWS) Latin America and Caribbean region has worked with Laura since 2007 to translate grant proposal forms, con-tent of AJWS partners’ proposals, and AJWS’s grantmaking strategy papers

on support of the human rights of

LGBTI people. I personally have worked

with Laura for over a year and she has consistently produced excellent work, ensuring that challenging concepts and questions are accurately and clearly communicated. Translating documents on topics as diverse as monitoring and evaluation indicators to Afro-descendant rights, Laura constantly pays close attention to details and produces high-quality translations under demanding timeframes. She is a pleasure to work with, as her commitment to social justice is apparent in the care and passion with which she conducts her work!

—Luis Díaz-Albertini, Program Officer /

Latin America and the Caribbean

American Jewish World Service

New York, New York, USA




Laura’s translation services have really transformed our Spanish-language outreach. She is professional, timely and a pleasure to work with. We’ve worked with Laura on a number of time-sensitive projects, and her ability to provide thorough, consistent translations while being flexible to short deadlines is impressive. Laura has a meticulous eye as a translator and editor. Once Laura has reviewed a document, our team can feel confident in the quality and accuracy of our publications. Our partnership with Laura is invaluable, and we continually receive positive feedback on the materials she works on.

—Laura Palumbo

Prevention Campaign Specialist

National Sexual Violence

Resource Center (NSVRC)

Enola, Pennsylvania, USA




We have worked with Laura Asturias

for a number of years and recommend her wholeheartedly for the quality of

her translations into Spanish, her ability to correct the original English, her care in researching concepts and links and providing alternative resources in Spanish when we have only provided

the English. Our work involves very precise and sometimes sensitive terms from specific concepts around Christian traditions to technical terms involved

in campaigns on HIV, trade and food. Laura delivers all of this with incredible speed and  professionalism.

—Sara Speicher

Interim Executive Director

Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance

Geneva, Switzerland